Carrie – unapologetically fabulous


I love young Carrie Bradshaw. There, I said it. I’ve never been that interested in Sex and the City, but once I started watching the Carrie Diaries on Netflix, I fell in love.

The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to the famed Sex and the City, featuring high school Carrie Bradshaw who follows her dreams to New York. It starts with an internship at a law firm in Manhattan secured by her father and ends up leading Carrie to her dream job! She is picked up by style editor Larissa Loughlin to work at Interview magazine and is immediately swept up into the whirlwind that is New York! She is mentored by Larissa and truly comes into her own as a writer. It’s fresh, sweet, and surprisingly, it has me hooked.

While many critics complain that there’s holes in the overall SATC plot and that it’s like any other teen drama, I feel that they’re missing what the show is all about. Carrie, only a high schooler, is an unbelievable role model to young women. Her life is not without hitches; she suffers the loss of her mother, takes on the mother role for her rebellious and “misunderstood” younger sister, is trapped between a life her father wants her to live and the life she wants to live, helps navigate a friend’s sexuality, has her own friend and boyfriend drama, all while learning to find herself at a critical time for coming of age. I’d say that is a lot for one young woman to do on her own, never mind in high school.

The most amazing part to me is how she handles her life’s challenges and new opportunities with such grace and poise. I believe young Carrie is a role model that every girl should have. Amidst it all, she is unapologetically herself. What I love the most about this young Carrie is that right from the start, she does not conform. From rocking her iconic hair and fabulous unique sense of style to sticking by her convictions in the face of wild and enticing new experiences in New York, Carrie does what she does best, be herself.

That is a lesson that cannot be taught enough, and I think is often forgotten. It’s something that I certainly forgot along the way. I learned to talk and act like the girls on tv, wear clothes and hairstyles that I saw on models and worst of all, completely surrendered my uniqueness to trends. I wasn’t being myself and I wasn’t happy. There was always the thought in the back of my mind when I saw something edgy in stores, like “WOW, How cool/fabulous/glamorous! I want this!” But no sooner did I think that, I would also think, “Where would you wear that? No one dresses like that around here. It’ll hang in your closet untouched.”

Carrie rewrites this story. Carrie goes all out every day because it’s how she likes to dress. She’s high fashion and she doesn’t apologize for it. And who would when you dress and accessorize like this?! So unapologetically fabulous!


So ladies, take a lesson from Carrie and be yourself in every aspect possible. Wear the things you want to wear, say the things you want to say, fight for the things you want to fight for. She’s an incredible feminist, one we should all be following. I’m taking charge of my life, filling it with the clothes, internship, and people I love. And I couldn’t be happier. So take it from Carrie and take it from me…be unapologetically you – fabulous.



2 thoughts on “Carrie – unapologetically fabulous

  1. Love this post so much!!! I watched the whole show in two days because I was so hooked! It’s such a shame that they’re not making anymore because I LOVE the young Carrie way more than the grown up one and would love to see how she became herself. I also completely agree about learning not to apologise for being yourself, I think it’s one of the most important things you can learn in life, I’m happy to be myself after years of trying to be somebody else. This post is fabulous and you sound fabulous too, followed! If you have a minute, check out my fashion/lifestyle blog at it would really mean a lot to me because you’re a great writer! Xxx


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