Not-so-far-away future

I used to think that growing up was a lot more work than it was fun. Nowadays, I’m thinking that less and less, thanks to my event planning internship. Helping people get ready for the next chapter of their lives has made me think a lot about the next chapters in mine. I’m loving the work that I’m doing for my internship and am so excited that this experience has pointed me towards a career – a part of my future that was very foggy even just a few months ago.


I love this so much!!

I knew that I wanted something a little un-traditional, something that kept me busy but wasn’t a structured 9-5, and was project-driven. This internship is everything that I wanted and more. I get to speak directly with clients, research aspects of an event, organize timelines and projects, contact vendors, design various products and website features, write blog posts, as well as facilitate flow during events…and I’m just the intern! I’m loving every aspect of my experience and I know that this is due to my excellent mentor…my boss.

My boss has worked hard to make sure that I get to experience different aspects of event coordination and practice taking on various roles to really get a feel for what it’s like to work in this industry and at this particular business. While the business is still young (just a year old this month!), I am getting a sense of what it’s like to work at a small business, particularly a start-up. Being few in numbers, I love how tight-knit the company is. We all have a strong understanding of each others’ strengths and are more efficient because of it. More importantly, however, when we play to our strengths, we are happier, too! We get to work on the things that we’re good at and that we like to do, which in turn helps us in our productivity and ultimate success! While this may be true in some large businesses, too, it is not necessarily the norm which is why I am very grateful for this small business experience to help me assess and develop my strengths. In addition, I get to learn about things like rent and budgeting, things I definitely wouldn’t be learning at a large established company. And this is what has gotten me thinking a lot about my not-so-far-away future.

Hearing a lot about the future of the company and what position I would be filling “when I’m hired post-grad,” I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what my future holds. If I really am hired, I’ll have to find an apartment in the area which is something I never planned on. I always thought I’d move back home to save some money and get a job near there but now, faced with this opportunity, I’m thinking about apartments in this area. While this is scary to do on my own, I am so thankful for all of the hours I’ve spent watching HGTV!!

0ba34fd52fd07db178aa46116837b112 85a7943698cf442ecd4614809076959d 9-ideas-for-small-studio-apartments

Tell me these studios aren’t beautiful…….ugh. I think I’m in love.

What are your best tips for apartment hunting?

In addition, I’ve been thinking a lot about budgeting. Apartment hunting is daunting in itself, never mind having to pay for it! I am thinking about developing a “Budget Binder” and have found some amazing inspirations on Pinterest like this one.


Does this look like everything I’ll need? Check out my Pinterest profile at

I’ve been good about my money but I could be better so this is another step into adulthood for me. If you have any tips about budgeting, keeping track of your finances, or just saving money in general, I’m all ears!

I think that’s it for now… I’ll keep you posted on my projects!



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