Simple is better

Living in the charming state of Vermont, as a stark contrast to growing up in the hustling, high-traffic, and overall more gruff MA, has (gently) forced me to slow down. As proud as I am to identify as a Bostonian (greater Boston area still counts), it has made us as a people more worked up, aggressive, and unobservant of the simple pleasures that life and our earth have to offer. Vermont is so much the opposite that one cannot help but to inhale the crisp clean mountain air, allow the sun’s rays to warm their skin and the cool lake water to tickle their toes. God’s gifts are not taken for granted. Our earth is well tended here, and Vermonters have taught me more simple ways of living. I never really thought myself to be outdoorsy until I fell in love with Vermont’s sweeping mountain views, picturesque lakes and fields beckoning me to explore. I keep plants, eat breakfast outdoors on my balcony listening to the birds, and have considered starting my own fruit/vegetable garden. I find myself more grateful everyday for the bounty our earth has to offer and amazed at its beauty.

Some of my favorite days so far this year have been days spent outside, exploring the shores and craggy cliffs surrounding Lake Champlain. Just this past weekend, a friend of mine visited from MA so of course we had to show off our gorgeous state. A group of nine of us hiked through the woods to find a secluded stretch of beach, complete with a driftwood hideaway and a fire pit. Spending an afternoon tossing a Frisbee in the water, guessing our own and others’ spirit animals, roasting hot dogs and s’mores over the fire, and taking in the sunset was a day not soon to be forgotten.

We took “nothing but pictures, left nothing but footprints, and killed nothing but time”.


How grateful I am to live in such a beautiful place with such adventurous people.



10 miles

There’s something about Burlington that inspires me. I don’t know if it’s the hustle and bustle of city living or the proximity to such rich and diverse scenery but I love being outside here! And the same cannot be said for when I lived in MA. I love going out on new adventures. My latest was today.

My good friend Karin and I just recently got bikes and today we took them out for their first ride of the season. We biked the Champlain Bikeway for the afternoon until we reached this secluded beach up north with amazing views of the Adirondacks.



Someone had built this shelter out of driftwood, making it the perfect spot to relax in the shade before biking back.

When the day was said and done, we had biked 10 miles. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything for ten miles…bike, swim or even walk….(actually, maybe that last one). Regardless, I’m so thrilled with how much opportunity there is to get out and stay active here. We biked ten miles and didn’t even realize the distance until we mapped out our route over some afternoon snacks. What a fantastic way to spend our day out in the radiant sunshine by the lake! What did you do today?